Update on Spectators


1. Under Step 2 of the government roadmap, ‘spectators’ are not permitted to attend recreational sport until earliest May 17th
2. Any ‘Spectators’ found will be asked to leave, and the request logged by the club
3. A parent, suitable adult or carer may attend to supervise an U18 player/player with a disability. They may attend for hospitality where available, subject to following the club’s guidance


1. Patrons fall into the category of being a customer accessing hospitality at the cricket club
2. As part of step 2 of the current Government and ECB guidance, clubs are permitted to welcome customers who are accessing hospitality – this includes during the time that cricket is taking place. These customers must be seated at a table in areas identified within the club’s risk assessment, and must adhere to legislation and guidance as identified by the Government and ECB (groups of 6 people or 2 households etc…)
3. Hospitality can be provided, for those seated at a table, in areas that the clubs risk assessment has identified as designated areas for hospitality