Coupe Cup winners

THE Coupe Cup is around 140 years old and was originally given to a football club by a couple of sporting gentlemen.
It was brought to Norden by William Knight, “a worthy and useful runner” after he had won a quarter-mile handicap, and was then passed down from generation to generation.
It became a possession of the Coupe family who had strong connections with Norden Cricket Club, and the trophy was presented to the club by them in the 1950s.
In the early days it was presented annually to the player who had shown the best attitude to the game, a high degree of sportsmanship, and performed well in the field, in other words – the best clubman.
It was later decided that some people who never held a bat or delivered a ball were equally deserving of being named clubperson of the year, and it is now one of the most prestigious NCC honours.
Winners of the trophy have been: 1952 Denis Holt; 1953 Len Wightman; 1954 Len Stansfield; 1955 Brian Johnson; 1956 -; 1957 Norman Taylor; 1958 Bob Tattersall; 1959 Derek Keylock; 1960 Brian Butterworth; 1961 Brian Johnson; 1962 Roy Fitton; 1963 Charlie Horrocks; 1964 Brian Ellis; 1965 Bob Spandler; 1966 Barry Pickles; 1967 Fred Clarkson; 1968 Norman Jones; 1969 Len Stansfield; 1970 Tom Brann; 1971 Ian Hewitt; 1972 David Wild; 1973 Harry Schofield; 1974 Brian Sutton; 1975 Barry Pickles; 1976 Alan Heaton; 1977 Alan Heaton; 1978 Robyn Hamer; 1979 Alan Lord; 1980 Eddie Fletcher; 1981 Peter Connolly; 1982 John Whitehead; 1983 Joe Wood; 1984 George Pickles; 1985 Ben Durran; 1986 Cyril Greenwood; 1987 Geoff Hornby; 1988 David Wild; 1989 Claire Davies; 1990 Stephen Pickles; 1991 Eve Butterworth; 1992 Frank Brown; 1993 Bob Dearden; 1994 Paul Bowden; 1995 Ian Pickup; 1996 Bob Tattersall; 1997 Andy Sharples; 1998 Joan Stansfield; 1999 Stephen Pickles; 2000 Tony Ashworth; 2001 John Fitton; 2002 Peter Lockwood; 2003 -; 2004 -; 2005-; 2006-; 2007 Brian Davenport; 2008 Alan Hyland; 2009 Zane Arthur; 2010 John Murphy; 2011 Gary Wild; 2012 Bob Fee; 2013 Andrew and Dawn Booth; 2014 Les Barlow; 2015 Anne Schofield; 2016 David Collin; 2017 Phil Docker. 2018 Paul Hanby.