Norden vs Clitheroe In Memory Of Brian Butterworth – Saturday 12th of August

When the news came through of the passing of Brian ‘The Pres’ Butterworth I was overcome with a feeling of immense sadness. For many of us we have never known a Norden Cricket Club without the Pres. A ubiquitous presence whether it be in committee meetings, cricket games, fundraisers or at the bar. He was a truly special man.

After a few days I realised sadness was not the appropriate reaction. The Pres would not have wanted it. At 95, it was one hell of an innings… probably the best ever seen at Stag Park. 

From speaking to some life members, like Bob Fee, you start to grasp the important role which Brian played in helping the club become what it is today. In fact, a few people have said to me that without Brian’s enormous contributions, especially during the 60’s and 70’s, that there may not even still be a Norden Cricket Club.

I know some of Brian’s happiest memories were spent watching the cricket. An ever present at games, with one of his favourite periods being the trophy laden seasons of 2014 and 2015. An image I will never forget is that of Brian wiping his moustache dry after drinking from the CLL League champions trophy in 2014.

Brian, my friend, we will miss you dearly. On behalf of every Stag, past and present, we thank you for your outstanding contribution. Yor will forever be ingrained in the very fabric of the club. A true inspiration, one of a kind… a legend of Norden Cricket Club forever.

RIP my President

Greg Tattersall

The club would like to invite all Brian’s family and friends to attend our 1st XI game on Saturday the 12th of August vs Clitheroe. Brian’s brother Ray, and his nephew Martyn will be attendence. The game will be played in memory of Brian and the club will provide a a buffet.
At the mid innings interval (usualy between 15:30-16:30) Brian’s ashes will be scattered on his beloved Stag Park turf.